Meet Our Team

Gathering The Best

Our team of architects, designers, management teams, and builders have been sourced from the local talent pool to truly set the theme of Sonoma County Proud. It is also important to us to have the best team possible, so each and every key person working on this project was hand-selected by our developer to ensure this goal.

Follow Along

Want to keep up as we make headway? A timeline filled with up-to-date information is coming soon.

Key Players

Ken Molinaro



Ken is a native of Santa Rosa with connections all around the globe. He lived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for 20 years where he successfully developed, owns, and operates Costa Sur Resort & Spa. Ken’s career in Mexico also includes a number of resort and hotel developments and the creation and success of Playa del Sol Resorts, a timeshare sales and operation company based out of Puerto Vallarta. He currently resides in Sonoma County with his wife, Alma.

Brian Scheinblum



Brian is a close friend and business partner of developer Ken Molinaro. He is the co-founder and president of Cambean Hospitality located in Miami Beach, FL which currently manages and operates the Majestic Hotel South Beach and oversees company strategy, positioning, property management, marketing, capital improvement, technology, financing, and construction for the Group. Brian has over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. As an entrepreneur, he has built businesses in real estate sales, multi-home development, and construction as well as hospitality management.

Robin Stephani



Robin joins us from Santa Rosa, CA and has 20 years of experience working in Design, Architecture and Construction. She is the current chair of the Sonoma County Housing Task Force and a founding member of Urban Community Partnership, a non-profit working on community driven development. She is also the President of 8th Wave, a development, design, and building firm in Santa Rosa, CA.

Lisa Pope-McDonald



Lisa owns and operates Lisa & Associates Interior Design based out of Napa, CA. She has the creative eye and design sense of an Interior Decorator combined with the skills and knowledge of Interior Design. Her innate artistic sensitivity combined with her extensive experience of proven success results in unique solutions to commercial and residential challenges.

With Thanks


A Note From The Owners

“We are working closely with Hard Rock Hotels to create the “Reverb by Hard Rock” feel while keeping within the Downtown Specific Plan of Cotati. This blend of Hard Rock ethos and Sonoma County lifestyle will capture the elements of Sonoma County, past and present, that make our style of life here so rich. From our rich agricultural heritage, to our internationally famous wine industry, to the dairy ranches that still dot the rolling hills of the West County, to rich musical history of Cotati, to the bustle of downtown Santa Rosa, all of these things will influence the look and feel of the hotel.”